Frequently Asked Questions

When does Shop4Charities makes its charitable donations?

Our policy is to make our donations once a year, after our fiscal
year and books have closed.  Once we've grown and have
established the needed administrative and accounting
infrastructure, we plan to make our donations on a quarterly basis.

Does Shop4Charities really donate 50% of its net profit to the
named charitable causes?

Yes.  The confidence of our contributor users is of paramount
importance.  As a result, once Shop4Charities has achieved the
modest annual revenue level of $10,000, we will engage an
outside auditor to review our financial statements.  These audited
statements will be made available on our website to all of our
contributor users.  We will also post the contribution confirmation
letters issued by each of our charitable causes.   

Why should I use Shop4Charities?

As noted on our home page, there are at least five (5) reasons:

  • No time consuming registration process.
  • We don't gather privacy invading information.
  • We donate to established and recognized charity
  • We partner with a limited number of established and
    recognized online retailers.  No time consuming searches
    for your favorite online retailer.
  • It's an easy, no extra cost way to do some good!

Contact Us

We hope you've found our website to be a simple and rewarding
way to contribute to worthy causes.  If you have any questions,
comments or recommendations, please don't hesitate to e-mail us
at  Thank you!

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